Will Social Media Benefit My Social Cause?

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Will Social Media Benefit my Social Cause?
When Joseph C.R. Licklider, Leonard Kleinrock, Paul Baran and Lawrence Roberts came up with the concept of the Internet in the 1960s, they definitely had no idea how much it would revolutionize the world. There is much to say about how much impact the use of the Internet and its online tools, such as social media, have had and will have on society and our culture in next few years. How much success social media has had in regards to activism and promoting social change is a continuing debate though; authors Gladwell (2010) and McCafferty (2011) claim that social media is not an ideal tool. On the other hand, Postmes and Brunsting (2002) and Starbird and Palen (2012) contend that social media enables mass communication effectively mobilizing change. Notably, social media over the last few years has evolved and become a valid communication and advertising tool for non-profit organizations to use as a promotional asset to attract volunteers and donations. This paper will argue the success of social media as a promotional asset for non-profits by examining the different benefits and costs of using social media as a resource to attract volunteers and donations to a specific cause.
Benefits of Advocating for a Cause Through Social Media
Non-profit organizations are regularly looking for more volunteers to help out their cause through donating time and money. It would be foolish to spend this valuable time on building websites, Facebook
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