Case Study Of Willdy's Waffles

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Willdy’s Waffles Willdy’s Waffles is a waffle joint that sells different kinds of waffles from ordinary or plain to a variety of sweet or pizza waffles, together with cool and refreshing mint drinks. The waffles are to die for. As customers try to escape the daily pressures of life, they could always turn to Willdy’s Waffles. Willdy’s Waffles offers the best quality of waffles that is complimented with cool drinks that the customers can enjoy. Willdy’s Waffles will offer a variety of choices to our customers hence ridding them of stress and tension. We, the founder/s of the food joint first came up with Pizza Waffles, they thought this would be a huge hit, and it would really do. However, not every person craves for the same thing, considering…show more content…
We aim to be in the fourth quadrant in market positioning, where we will be offering products that are low-priced but of high quality. Willdy’s Waffles will carry a variety of quality waffle products and mint drinks that will enable us to provide full satisfactory service to our customers. More than quality products, we also need dependable customer service. Customers can be assured that they will be provided with our great customer service experiences each and every time they make a purchase. The products offered in Willdy’s Waffles is produced with the safety of the customers in mind. Employees will work while wearing hairnets, gloves, and utensils used are sanitized. Our products are healthy because the ingredients to be used are in their freshest quality. Our products are unique compared to other offerings in the market. The products provided within the establishment will be served with our complimentary eco-friendly packaging. This way we would no longer contribute to global warming and irresponsible disposal of…show more content…
We will serve the customers the freshest waffles every time. Sweet and savory varieties will be consisted in our waffles and will be sold at affordable prices. In addition to these are refreshing mint drinks that will provide our customers a means of refreshments which will also be sold at an affordable price. Benefits to the Buyers Since Willdy’s Waffles’ target market is primarily Dagupan City National High School students of the Junior High School, the customers will be provided with a door-to-door type of services which will allow the buyers to purchase the products in their freshest quality. Affordability is another benefit we could provide to our customers. It has been an issue to most of the students to have a stable budget which would suffice to their everyday needs in school and to themselves. Our products will be provided at a reasonable and affordable price range that would meet every student’s standards. The price is also seen as more worthwhile compared to other food providing establishments. Our customers will also feel like in luxury when being served with our products given its eye-appealing presentation and

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