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William B. Sargent was born in 1964 to Donald and Ethlyn Sargent. Bill grew up in Littleton on Pleasant Street where his parents still reside. He attended our great schools here in Littleton and graduated on this stage behind me in 1982. Like some seniors, Bill was unsure of which direction to go. After deciding to go to Arizona for a year, he returned to Littleton, and joined the United States Army, in the delayed entry program where he would then enter for basic training in the fall of 1983.

He joined the army like any other 19-year-old would, excited, scared, apprehensive, and all those other emotions that go along with it. This was NOT like leaving and going to Arizona. A well rounded and disciplined growing up was the only way he was going to get through this.

Bill attended basic training at Fort Jackson in South
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There he spent the majority of his time in the field training and was deployed to Panama for Jungle Operations Training. He returned to Fort Ord where training continued, and he spent the duration of his enlistment. After much thought and consideration, he left the Army in winter of 1986 and returned to Littleton.
He joined the Littleton Fire Dept. in 1987 and went to the NH Fire Academy to become a full-time firefighter. He worked out of the old Firehouse under the Opera House and also the brand-new department (now on West Main Street).
He stayed in Littleton until 1991 and then got the urge to leave again. This time Alaska. Without a clue of what he was going to do, he packed up his truck and drove to Alaska. He stayed with friends, he got his feet on the ground and decided to stay. He worked as a Purchasing Administrator for one of the largest mechanical contractors in Alaska, Superior Plumbing and Heating, now otherwise known as the Superior

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