William Blake Poetry Analysis

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The writings of William Blake are inspired by Romanticism and some good old bible stories. His most famous poems are ‘’The Lamb’’ and ‘’The Tyger’’ or better known as ‘’The Songs of Innocence’’ and ‘’The Songs of Experience’’. ’’The Songs of Innocence’’ remind me of the story in the bible about a little lamb that got lost in the meadow. The little lamb didn’t know any better because its innocence although in the ‘’The Songs of Experience’’, that’s a whole different story. ‘’The Song of Experience’’ evoked me of another bible story called ‘’The Prodigal Son’’. The story is about a son that gets corrupted by adulthood and how he lost his innocence along the way. By reading the poems by itself, we may not understand the meaning of the poems. However together, they make a unique story tale. For each poem of Blake’s writing has its own voice sometimes of comfort and joy and other times of foreboding. As you read his writings, you notice the change in voice even in the very diction, or word choice, that he uses. They both display the themes of childhood and nature vs. industry, but explores the very essence of the Creator. The best way to think of ‘’The Lamb’’ is as a bible lesson you learned as a child. The voice of this poem is of a child questioning a lamb about very theological issues. The poem begins with the child asking the lamb’’ who made thee’’. For half of the poem, the child asks the same question repeatedly, seeing God as a caring, kindhearted figure who

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