William Bradford Vs John Smith Essay

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“ Had we been as free from all sins as gluttony and drunkenness we might have been canonized as saints” (James 72) . At one point in time there was two colonists leader’s named John Smith and William Bradford. John smith a man who settled off with a crew of men to find land for business, on the other hand the man named William Bradford was on the search for land and settle for a hometown. Both men came for opportunity to the new world, same but different, and they are different because of character, leadership and reason, the reason for John smith and the reason for William Bradford to arriving to the new world. John smith was a selfish and bragged a lot about himself and his success. He was nominated president of his crew because he was with the most knowledge of leadership. In his time for setting up business for tobacco so he can become rich but his men just like John himself were selfish it was all men for themselves in the community of all men. In a camp fire with his men, John Smith encountered and was surrounded by native Americans they killed all his men but he was kept captive.” Notwithstanding, within an hour after, they tied him to a tree, and as many as could stand about him…show more content…
But as these two have similarities, the purpose of going to the new world is quite different. John Smith came over to get rich and build a business which is kinda greedy. William Bradford came for opportunity to make a town of the religion of he was apart of along side his people. Seems like all fun and games for these two leader until both had run out of supplies and their people were starving to death. Aside all the starvation, comparing the greedy and selfish men from John smith , to the caring and religious families from William Bradford, at the end of it all i believe both men came out successful to what they were trying to
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