William Butler Yeats's Poetry In The Wild Swans At Cole

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William Butler Yeats was rewarded with Nobel Prize for Literature in 1923. He was one of the greatest poets during that time. His personal and national experiences were described through his themes, symbols, and images in his poetry. Yeats’ poems were full with Byzantium art, Greek mythology, English literature, European politics and Christianity symbols. He believed that politics and art were naturally related. Moreover, he used his poems to voiced his attitude toward Irish and also to teach people about Irish history. Lead by his believe that art could have a political function, in 1922 Yeats became a senator in Irish parliament. Yeats’ was also very interested in mysticism. He believed that events were predetermined. For instance, he believed…show more content…
Each line is in iambic meter and its first and third lines are written in tetrameter, second, fourth and sixth lines in trimester and in the fifth line in pentameter. The poem starts with trees that are “in their autumn beauty”. The protagonist, who grows old, goes on dry woodland roads to the water that still reflects the October sunset. Then he saw that there were fifty-nine swans and this reminds him that nineteen years have passed since he counted the swans. The speaker also says that he is sad, because after nineteen autumns of watching the swans, everything in his life has changed. But the swans did not change and did not get old. Now, when they fly over the water they look beautiful and mysterious and the protagonist wonders where they will build their nests, when he one day will wake up and fond that they flew…show more content…
He used his writings to comment political events that happened during that time and also to educate people about Irish history and culture. When he became more involve in the life of politic his poems had more patriotic tone. Poems such as “The Second Coming” and “Leda and the Swan” include the theme of Irish nationalism. In these writings, the reader can feel a cultural crisis and conflicts during that time, although the poems do not speak clearly about Ireland. Yeats engaged the reader in the political situation of Ireland through the use of images of disorder, anarchy and

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