William Corbett College Admissions Essay: Different Aspects Of My Life

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William Corbett College Admissions Essay

In my life I have had numerous opportunities that have made me who I am today. My most revolutionary and life changing event is Guggenheim, a catholic summer camp that I attended for the last six summers. At Guggenheim I have undergone positive changes in many different aspects of my life. The energy at Guggenheim of 100 people coming together to celebrate their faith through singing, dancing, and praying provokes these positive physical and mental changes. I love Guggenheim because every year when I come home, I look back and realize that I become more outgoing, less shy, and a stronger leader.
Guggenheim offers me many experiences that teach me about myself in many ways every time I am there. Each year is centered on a main topic and each day is a lesson branching off the main topic. Each day posses new team, mental, physical, and religious challenges that are meant to help reinforce a background idea. These ideas get pounded into your head through the lessons, group work, and by putting you in a setting where you are open to try and connect to God.
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through Guggenheim I was able to open up and actually become myself instead of hold my real self back. Guggenheim also brings out the adventurous part of me where I can make friends and talk to the people that I don't know and might shy away from in my hometown. As an older kid of the group I got to be a part of different activities such as the major mountain climb or repelling. Guggenheim changed me so that I could go to a college and help spread God's message through community service and being a leader. I would like to put the skills I learned at Guggenheim to use as often as possible in college. By joining community service groups or applying to be an RA so that I can help others with any problems they may have. College is a better way to effectively put what I learned while at
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