William Cronon's Only Connect

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In the article titled “Only Connect”, William Cronon describes the qualities he believes a liberal arts student should possess during or at the end of their education. Some of these qualities can also be seen in students before their education begins. Although I have only just begun my journey as a liberal arts student, I believe I have already acquired some of these qualities, starting with the first trait “they listen and they hear” (p. 7). This trait is described as being able to listen to the emotions, and being able to understand the issue, whether it’s right or wrong. I think that this is one of my traits because of how I view the world. I am able to understand that it is okay to have a different religion, faith, or feelings than I have.…show more content…
Number four is titled “they can write clearly and persuasively and movingly” (p. 8). This paragraph is described as being able to touch, teach, and persuade people through your writing. I do think I lack this trait, but I think that my expected experience at Central and more importantly, my intersections course, will help me to become a better writer. I expect this to be because of the more intense writing I will do as compared to high school. Quality number six is something I know I must learn quickly to be successful here at Central. Although my high school career wasn’t the greatest, I soon learned it is important to be the best you can in everything you do. Quality number six is titled “they respect rigor not so much for its own sake but for a way of seeking the truth” (p.8). This is described as being able to understand that what you learn won’t hurt you, it can only help you. It is understanding that your knowledge is important, no matter how hard it is to understand what you are learning, and the being able to use that knowledge to communicate. My hope is to be taught more difficult information and be able to communicate better with the
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