The Theme Of Love In Raymond Carver's Short Stories

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There is a question that has been asked over and over again without an exact answer. There have been countless different answers to this question that all have been correct in their own way. What is love and how do we know it’s true? This is the question that has brought a plethora of controversy between people. The reason why love is such a complex subject is because there is so many ways to love. Some of the ways someone can love is by a sexual love, a physical love, a spiritual love, a friendly love, an admiring love, a family love, and a caring love. This doesn’t cover every way to love, these are just the more common ways people show their love for others. The less common ways of showing love is how the subject of love really gets complex. Both William Faulkner and Raymond Carver wrote short stories that…show more content…
He writes about how Terri was in an abusive relationship and still loved him despite it. This in itself brings in questions about terri. Why was she ok with being abused like she was? Well actually a colleague of mine actually had a conversation with her professor about how some women stay in relationships like this because they have had father issues in the past. The story doesn’t tell much of Terri’s past, but i’m going to assume that my colleague’s information is partially correct. So she grew up with issues at the home and her mental state was affected by it. But even after she got out of her physically abusive relationship she found herself in yet another one, but this partner is verbally abusing her. Mel constantly belittles her and tells to “‘just shut up for once in you life, will you do me a favor and do that for a minute?’”(510). This shows how her mind subconsciously chooses the more aggressive men, possibly resembling her

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