William Faulkner's Jewels

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In the 1920’s in Yoknapatawpha county, Mississippi, Addie, the mother of Cash, Darl, Jewel, Dewey Dell and Vardaman lays sick in her death bed. And as her last wish (she) asks to be buried with her family in Jefferson county forty miles away. With respect to her last wish the family starts their journey towards the homeland of their mother. While on their journey ,Faulkner shares with us the unique thoughts and views of each character through a series of narrations from all different characters. Therefore, going to the book,the main thing that it all comes down to is who loved Addi and who did not. Jewel, one of the sons is described as a character that leans more towards violence while grieving his mother 's death. Which leads the rest of his family to believe that Jewel had never loved his mother in first place. Two of the most valuable things in Jewels life is…show more content…
In the beginning Addie said how Jewel is her savior and he was going to save her from water and fire. This turns out to be true because he does save her from water and fire. Jewel’s actions have justified his love for his mother but as we are going to see, the perspective of others is very opposing. We perceive Jewel from everyone 's perspective and according to everyone else’s perspective he didn 't really love his mother. Cora, a neighbor of the family, comments on Jewels love for his mother. She believes that Jewel is very selfish and he has never loved Addie. Cora claims, “when the only sin she ever committed was being partial to Jewel that never loved her and was its own punishment”(168). She claims that Jewel never loved Addi and that was Addie 's punishment because he was a sin Addi had committed and he didnt love her back in return. In everyone else’s perspective he doesn 't love Addie but in his own perspective he does love her and that 's why our own perspective is the most accurate because people judge you based on their own opinion and Jewel was making decisions that others aren 't able to
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