William Forrester Book Report

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William Forrester is a famous author that Jamal turns to who helps him enrich his writing. Jamal, is a 16 year old boy who loves to play basketball with his friends at the nearby park. They often see William watching them outside of their window. One of Jamal friends dared him to retrieve an item from William’s apartment. But, not until William finds him sneaking into his apartment
Trust is hard to earn when you try to steal from someone, such as William. Once Jamal got into a very prestigious school, Mailor-Callow, with his outstanding test grades. Once Jamal has earned the trust of William, he helped him with his writing. For example, Jamal writes with the help of William, so that he could possible win the writing contest at the end of the year. Mr. Crawford, however thought that only thing that Jamal was good at was basketball and basketball alone.
When the writing contest was approaching for Jamal he turned in one of William’s writing pieces. Mr. Crawford caught that Jamal’s piece was from a magazine in the 1960’s. At the high school championship at Madison Square Garden Jamal was given the chance that if he brings a high school championship back to the school that he wouldn’t need to meet with Mr. Crawford and the principal of the school about how he plagiarized one of William’s pieces.
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To conclude, there are many things in life that you can control like what job that you want, and the grades that you get. But, how Jamal was treated by his teacher, Mr.Crawford was not one of them. He thought that just because Jamal was good basketball player that he couldn’t do other things such as write a paper for the class. Thus, this is why Mr. Crawford had no respect for Jamal. Hence, Jamal was only given the chance by William and his friend at the school. There are many things in life Jamal probably want. I suspect that being treated well is one of
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