William Golding Lord Of The Flies Passage Analysis

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In this passage from the Lord of the Flies, written by William Golding, the reader witnesses the actions that Jack’s longing for hunting. Golding explains to readers how a group of young boys, who are stranded on an island and struggling for survival, will cause human nature to expose their poisons. This passage occurs at the point where Jack and his choir boys left to go hunt a pig, resulting in the fire to burn out. Piggy and a couple of other boys start accusing Jack, which triggered Jack to put his rage on Piggy. William, the main voice and the narrator in this novel, explains how human nature can bring out the dark side and poison in everyone. In this passage from the text, the author, William Golding, strengthens his idea that human…show more content…
In the reading, Golding describes, “Jack transferred the knife to his left hand and smudged blood over his forehead as he pushed down the plastered hair,” which is an example of imagery. By using imagery, Golding creates an image for the readers and describes how passionate and obsessed Jack is with hunting. With this technique, it created a vision of Jack, Golding shows Jack’s true poison of obsession and narrow-minded. While everyone on this island is trying to find rescue, Jack goes off and hunts for a pig instead of helping the others. Further, Golding mentions how Piggy states, “ You didn’t ought to have let that fire out. You said you’d keep the smoke going-” The author uses foreshadowing to inform the readers and drop hints to what is going to happen in the novel. By incorporating foreshadowing, after this event, we were able to find out that a ship has passed by and did not see the fire to save them. This shows us how Jack’s main focus is hunting for survival rather than looking for rescue. This negligence of keeping the fire going, causes a ship to pass by them. The fact that the author was able to use imagery and foreshadowing, it signifies how human nature can reveal how in a tough and difficult situation, it will draw out the poison within a
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