William Golding Lord Of The Flies Speech Analysis

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Speech the most powerful weapon. William Golding aspired to write a piece of literature that would show the dark side of the human soul through his book “Lord of the Flies” a piece that takes you the reader into a world cut off from modernized world, what we see as a true civilized world. William Golding was a man who saw the horrors that humans where capable of through the advancement of science and the war engine itself, of human desires that to this day exist and in my belief will always exist. In “Lord of the Flies” a tail where a group of children ranging from ages of six years of age to roughly twelve years of age are stranded on an island cut off from the world build and develop a tribal society that eventually falls apart and escalates…show more content…
But it’s the power of speech. Speech can be used to not only bring a society into an age of peace and light by a great man who wishes it, but it can also lead those willing to hear into a state of pure unaltered hatred towards their fellow human beings. In this case Jack a child whose jealousy and hatred consumed his heart used speech to advance his motives and take over control of the small island society by presenting his authority and his ability to deliver what is needed on those who have lost hope by expressing his power of authority. “Has everybody eaten as much as they want? His tone conveyed a warning, given out of the pride of ownership, and the boys ate faster while there was still time. Seeing there was no immediate likelihood of a pause.”(Golding 149) In this excerpt of the book, Jack is shown of his authority based on the words he chooses to convey to the rest of the children, and the children respond by the belief that he at any moment will be taking away their meal once he begins to talk again. This phrase shows clearly that his power not only comes from his ability to use a spear to hunt and capture food a protein source that is much needed for essential survival, but his voice carries an authority as
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