William Golding's Lord Of The Flies: Chapter Analysis

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In the fourth chapter I can see how the characters have changed overall and how some of their qualities from the first chapter have stayed the same. To start off, Ralph has become extremely mature for his age with his leadership qualities, but his poor treatment towards Piggy has still existed from the first chapter. Furthermore, he also seems to be more serious about getting rescued and having rules within the group of boys. Since he became the chief, he has become more frustrated with the boys because they do not care about rules, and they think that no matter what, they will eventually be rescued. Despite his rudeness towards Piggy he has still changed into a better leader. He has become more intellectual and now cares more about surviving them having fun. Additionally, he has become very…show more content…
At first, I did not know too much about his character, but in the fourth chapter he showed new outstanding qualities that made him an immensely respectable character. For example, when Jack rudely refused to give Piggy meat, Simon passed his own meat to Piggy, and did not take his decision back even when Jack started yelling at the poor boy. This shows that Simon is generous and naturally a good person. Most people ignored how badly Piggy was treated and did not help whatsoever, while others joined in on the bullying. Even their leader of the society joined in on this cruel act, but Simon was the only one that looked out for Piggy when no one else would. Another example, is when he helped get fruit for the “littluns”- the younger kids - and was one of the few that actually worked on the huts. His hardworking and caring actions demonstrate that Simon has an exceptional and admirable personality. Clearly, Simon has changed in the most positive way out of all the characters, which is remarkable to see since most of the characters’ qualities that are being expressed are not helpful but rather
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