William Golding's Lord Of The Flies Essay

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This is my Essay, I will be writing about a very special Milestone in William golding's fantastic career. In 1954, after 21 rejections, William golding published his first Novel. The famous Novel is very well known by its name “ lord of the files”. The Novel to me was very interesting, it caught my attention when I read the first couple of pages in an online Book website. The Novel is Pretty much about a group of boys stranded on a deserted island after a plane wreck. Lord of the files was a very unique book to me, it explored the savage side of boys in human nature. The Book was basically about the struggle between good and evil. Some of my teachers in the previous years have called this novel a “Classic”. What surprised me about reading the…show more content…
Simon is a Christ-figure type of character, he is one of the boys to first explore the island. Ralph is a Twelve year old kid, he is the protagonist who symbolizes democracy and leadership. There are more characters but to me and to many other readers these were the two most important ones, they had the most impact for me in the book. After reading The last few couple of chapters I realized that this book is just about a man’s struggle to avoid descending into savagery. We are taught to live by the rules, to follow commands, we would prefer to live in an environment where we can satisfy our desires. All human beings love to get power regardless of who we hurt in the process of getting that power, also the island will also serve as the bits and pieces for the real world.There's always a dark side in any Human, Families and etc. This book Demonstrates that people need rules and laws to maintain as one, if there weren't rules and laws people would begin to give in to the dark side. The boys will come face with face to evil, the boys will no longer be considered innocent. To me that's one of the main ideas of the novel “ lord of the
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