A Career In William H. Johnson's Career

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William H. Johnson was a famous African American painter who career started in the early 1900s but documentation of his most famous painting wasn’t until 1927.johnson was born march 18, 1901 in Florence, South Carolina his parents did not have a lot of money, but so he found a love for art. He gave his devotion to art and it shows when looking at the paintings in the exhibit at the university of Maryland eastern shore. From Johnson’s first painting is more oils pastels and multiple colors. Throughout his career the paintings became more simple and solid, also seeing the depiction of African Americans and is time over in Europe shows through his artistic eye. The work that occurred from 1927-1938 was created while he was in Europe and his work from 1938-1944 was…show more content…
William H. Johnson street in cagne-sur-mer ca.1927 was a beautiful piece it showed you that it was early on in his popular career, he seemed to be more focused on maybe imitating the likes of Picasso. Even before 1927 he also had work but It is no record of this work. Langston Hughes states that “I want to be a white poet.”(Hughes 1965) This statement kinds fits with William because like stated earlier in the passage he was really inspired by the likes of Picasso. The painting looked like it was moving but it also had a lot of emotion behind the painting and he was just emulation what he was around. The oils made it seem very life like but through a foggy lens at the same it was any things going on in the painting. While Johnson was in Europe he was able to find true love.

William h. Johnson blind singer 1941. This painting showed how his eye for art had
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