William Howard Taft As A Progressive President Essay

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Was William Howard Taft a progressive president, or not? President Taft has been accused of being an “unprogressive” president. The political definition of progressive is the support of advocacy or social reform. President William Howard Taft was indeed a progressive president. He has done many progressive things in America such as his trust-busting efforts, his empowering of the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) to set railroad rates, and his support of constitutional amendments mandating a federal income tax. William Howard Taft pleads innocent against these charges. The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) was the first administrative commission in United State history. Established in the eighteen hundred’s as a result of arising indignation from the country. The commission’s purpose was to control railroads and their unfair business practices. The Interstate Commerce Commission 's jurisdiction gradually expanded beyond railroads to all common carriers except airplanes by nineteen forties. The ICC was also given the task of reinforcing railroad systems and administering labor disputes in interstate transport. The Interstate Commerce Commission imposed United State’s Supreme Court rulings that required the desegregation of passenger terminal facilities in the nineteen-fifties and…show more content…
These things might seem small all together but, think about it. If President William Howard Taft had not empowered the the Interstate Commerce Commission, people would be shipping and handing out illegal objects, weapons, and substances around the United States of America. If he had not been so supportive of the Sherman Antitrust Act and enforced it so well, people would be making trust to their own advantages. Finally If President Taft Had not enforced Federal Income Tax the United States would not be like they are today. Most of America’s schools, hospitals, and more important places depend on government funds to keep on rolling. These funds come from Federal Income
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