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William Kamkwamba was born and raised in southern Africa in a very small and poor town. Throughout William’s life he faced the battle for life to help support his family during a great famine. He was able to provide enough food through hard work and dedication, even if it meant they only received one meal a day. After traveling to the library everyday, William began to wonder into the business of making windmills. He soon was able to build his own windmill, with some supplies friends have provided, and began looking into the ways of creating electricity. As he began to increase his electrical supply people soon took an interest in his story. A reporter came to his village to interview him and soon he was able to travel to America for schooling. Even being in school, William still traveled back home to help his family’s stability.…show more content…
I wish I could do the same with my community as what William did with his. I would like to propose an idea for a program. For every holiday or significant change in season or for school people could donate supplies to family with little to none income. Our area is struggling with producing an income to help support their children for common life needs. I want to set up a donation organization where people could donate school supplies, halloween costumes, christmas presents, clothes, shoes, or other basic necessities for children. No child should not be allowed to do something just because their family could not provide for it. A donation center could be set up in the Crawford Center in Emlenton to help gather, organize, and distribute such items. This would be a non profitable business that would rely on volunteers who want to help their community and to make a difference in the children 's

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