William Kamkwamba's Novel 'The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind'

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Habits Into Goals
Waking up at four o’clock in the morning everyday to go farm is a habit that William Kamkwamba developed as a child, the habit may seem quite extreme, but to William it is just a part of his life. These Habits that he developed assisted him to fulfill his dreams. William Kamkwamba writes about his childhood, along with Bryan Mealer, in their book The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind. His positive habits grew to reach his goal of becoming a scientist. William Kamkwamba was born into a Malawian farming family, and from a young age William’s dream was to become a scientist. He was on the right track to becoming a scientist, going to school and doing well, but his academic plans were put on hold when a devastating famine desecrated Malawi. His family was unable to pay for his school bills, so he was forced to drop out. However, even without the proper schooling William was determined to become a scientist. He eventually was able to create something terrific to help his family 's farm, a windmill, without even going to
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Since william dropped out of school, he knew that he had still get an education. Luckily for him, a library just opened up, so he was able to get some education. Not only does he get a little bit of education, he also learns all about science and energy, and he learns how to build the windmill that brings him to fame. The village librarian, Ms. Sikelo said this to William about him spending so much time in the library, “You boys spend hours in here taking my time, but today I have an appointment. Just find something quickly.” The amount of time William built up at the library was significant enough, so that the librarian got annoyed at him. As you can see William spent a great deal of time at the library. To be able achieve his goals William also had to develop the habit of perseverance and
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