William Lloyd Garrison's Contribution To The Abolitionist Movement

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The Abolitionist Movement was a movement that was against slavery. The Abolitionist Movement is trying to address the problem which is that slavery needs to end immediately and give freedom to all the slaves. To do this, the public's opinion must change about slavery. People thought slavery was okay. In the 1800s, there were about 893,602 slaves in the United States. Southern people thought in order to reach a high level of culture, it needed to involve enslaved practice. A couple of activists who tried to end slavery was William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass, and Sojourner Truth. One of the people to help achieve the movement’s goals was William Lloyd Garrison. He was from Massachusetts and lived from 1805-1879. Garrison wanted slavery…show more content…
She was born as a slave in New York in 1797. “She devoted her life to the abolitionist cause and helped recruiting black troops for the Union Army”(Sojourner Truth). On June 1st, 1843, she changed her name to Sojourner Truth. A quote that tells the reason for her change, “ The Lord gave me 'Sojourner,' because I was to travel up an' down the land, showin' the people their sins an' bein' a sign unto them. Afterwards, I told the Lord I wanted another name 'cause everybody else had two names, and the Lord gave me 'Truth,' because I was to declare the truth to people.” (Truth). She joined the Northampton Association of Education and Industry in 1844. There she met fellow activists such as William Lloyd Garrison and Frederick Douglass.Truth started touring with George Thompson to speak at abolitionist meetings. Along with Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass, Truth was one of the escaped slaves who devoted their lives to abolishing slavery. The Abolitionist Movement was partially successful because most americans know slavery was a very wrongful act. There are a lot less slaves in the United States today than in the 1800s. Even though the 13th Amendment abolished slavery, there is still some illegal slavery
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