William Lloyd Garrison's Influence On The Liberator

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When William Lloyd Garrison’s father left him, no one, not even Garrison himself had the confidence to do anything great with his life. When Garrison (1805-1879) is related to the Romanticism era. The Romanticism era is a movement in the arts and literature that originated in the late 18th century, emphasizing inspiration, subjectivity, and the primacy of the individual (Webster). His childhood, along with his very stern personality, and his opinion towards slavery greatly influenced the writing of The Liberator. Every boy needs a father figure in his life. William Lloyd Garrison did not have anyone but his mother. Garrison's father was a drunken sailor that left him and his family when he has been nearly four years old. Garrison’s hard-working mother, whose…show more content…
This quote is believed to be true, but it does not explain not explain his life. Therefore, this critique is to be found false. It does not explain his loving other who showed and taught Garrison lifelong principles and lessons which helped him become who he is.
Another trait that Garrison was critiqued for being his harsh and very stern opinions. “Garrison had gone so far to denounce the U.S. Constitution of it’s proslavery as ‘a covenant with death and an agreement with hell’” (Garrison). This information is to be found true. Many people proclaim that his harsh languages and brutality made people that opposed him furious, but people that supported him very hype. Garrison also publicly burned a copy of the constitution to show his brutality. William Lloyd Garrison, The Liberator was a great man in the view of many. Garrison’s passion for slavery, his opinions, and his very dramatic life, has made him one of the greatest writers in history. By going through trials in our life, we can overcome them by using Garrison’s example and turn our lives into
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