William Mckinley Jr.: The Mckinley Family

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William McKinley Jr. was born January 29, 1843. He later was assassinated September 14, 1901. During in which time he was the united states 25th president. Mckinley was a part of the republican party. He was the seventh child in his family and his parents were William and Nancy Mckinley. The Mckinley family was of Scots-Irish descent. The family trade on both sides was iron making. In 1852 the Mckinley family moved from Niles to Poland Ohio so that the children could go to better schools. After the war ended in 1865, McKinley decided on a career in the law and began studying in the office of an attorney in Poland, Ohio. He later got married to Ida Saxton on January 25, 1871. Then they had their first daughter. She, Katherine, was born, on
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