William Moraley The Infortunate Berney Analysis

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The Infortunate by William Moraley followed the journey of a man, William Moraley, as he traveled to the colonies and then eventually back to England. He faced many obstacles as he tried to find success within the colonies, but ultimately he failed. Through his journey William Moraley was not lazy, he had to network himself and find work so he could make his way back home to England. In addition, Moraley seemed to be constantly running into bad luck and didn’t have the right skills to truly succeed in the colonies. William Moraley was not lazy because he was willing to work until he found a way home and he knew how to network with different people to be in their good graces. When Moraley arrived in New York he went to the governor’s home, “I waited upon the Governor, and presented to him my Credentials from my first Master, as to…show more content…
He worked as a blacksmith, a servant, a clock fixer, and a cook. In taking these different jobs Moraley proved that he was willing to do whatever it took to get where he wanted to go and that meant working hard and doing jobs that others might not be willing to accept. For example the cook might was probably a job that not many people would have been willing to take, but Moraley was willing to take the job and work hard at it. Even though William Moraley was hard working, he seemed to be constantly getting himself into situations that tested his luck and proved that he really was unfortunate. Being a watchmaker was not a good profession for someone who wanted to succeed in the colonies. And William Moraley was a watchmaker. Before he traveled to the colonies he was informed that being a watchmaker “would not do for any other Business, that being of little Service to the Americans” (16). From the very beginning Moraley was not set up to succeed because he was trained in a practice that was not
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