Battle Of Hastings Essay

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The sources come from "excerpt from Gesta regum Anglorum" which is talking about the chronicle of Kings of England that was written in about 1125. The English historian, William of
Malmesbury emphasized both William and Harold here as the great and powerful leaders. These sources display the Battle of Hastings as the image of Normans and William. Excerpt from Gesta regum Anglorum clarifies the battle which had started with the Conquest of Normans by the king of William. It is obvious that " In the battle both leaders distinguished themselves by their bravery" and they showed how prepared for the battle according their own national custom. (The
Battle of Hastings, 1066) This paper will aim to analyze the differences between sources and
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"I do not talk about the poor, I say people who have greatness of power in the case of satisfying the pleasure". Moreover, he considers new coming people as barbaric and pagan just after hugging the trust of Christ, like they think about religion more. It is simple to clarify differences between sources in the face of William like how he was assessed in a negative and positive way. In order to know what style of King William was, the dignity, honor, respect that he was gained, how many areas he captured, because of those ways we can describe him as the angle of goodness for everybody. His respect is shown with the number of crowns: when he was in England: "at Easter he wore it at Winchester, at Pentecost at
Westminster, and at Christmas at Gloucester" (The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle).Moreover,
William's establishment of new condition is unbelievable because he kind of flight over his kingdom like prevailed through England realized everything to the deep side detailing order to prove himself. On other side, on the other side, although Odo was appreciated Christian priest, he is best known as a fighter and politician. He is the person who found ships for
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