William Penn Influence On Society

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In 1681, William Penn (1644-1718) received a royal charter from King Charles II which allowed him to be the founder of Pennsylvania in British America. In this document students are able to see The Frame of Government Penn wrote for the new founding middle colony, Pennsylvania. The document was under a deep influence from the writings of James Harrington and was to provide a government for Pennsylvania which stated how many people could be in the council and assembly. Since Penn was known to be a Quaker he wanted this colony to be a haven for Quakers and other religious members who were always persecuted from the Church of England or from the Puritans as well as allowing the rich and the poor to have a voice in political affairs and not overrule one another. By late October 1682 Penn went out on his own to venture into the New World and would some come across an area that he would buy from the Swedes and would then name it Philadelphia. In this time period people from England, Ireland, and Germany would receive pamphlets of how this British Colony was meant for religious and political freedom and soon Pennsylvania…show more content…
He would accept any person who was persecuted from other religions to live in a colony where a certain belief wasn’t required. To also learn that Penn was one of the most successful governors to keep peace with the Native American tribes instead of finding ways to annihilate them was also intriguing to learn. In my opinion, I believe he was one of the first people to have an open mind and a change of perspective about certain things just only because he opened his arms to anyone whether it was single people, family or anyone who wanted religious freedom. I enjoyed looking over this topic and being able to go more in depth of the accomplishments William Penn did for this British
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