William Penn Research Paper

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Historical Perspective of William Penn Who is William Penn? William Penn is the founder of Pennsylvania also known as Penn’s woods back then, William Penn is a Quaker, William Penn was the son of William Penn Sr. and Margaret Penn, William Penn was a friend of the indigenous people of the Americas, most importantly William Penn was a visionary who despite all odds and persecution became a great American hero of liberty. William Penn was born on October 14, 1644 in London, England (Powell, J. (n.d.)). William Penn was one of the few individuals to not only make enormous contributions to the New World but to the Old World as well. Before Penn even thought of the idea where individuals could seek religious freedom against persecution, he already…show more content…
I soon found myself intrigued to affirm Christianity intellectuality, but was aware even when I was a child that maintain an identity in religion was a necessity (Frost, W. J. (2012, March)). I differed from most Quakers of my time with the ability to understand the reason behind Christianity a little more (Frost, W. J. (2012, March)). I during my time found that you cannot just develop one law or pamphlet, I instead emphasized rationale in the different cases in my life such as my trial in England to the founding of Pennsylvania (Frost, W. J. (2012, March)). My view on religious figures such as Jesus is varied depending on the case, Jesus for example was sent to us to help establish the concept of the church by renouncing his life and defying it by rising again he establish the principles upon which the Church’s governance was founded upon (Frost, W. J. (2012, March)). I would actually consider Jesus a great example in regards to what powerful religious figures should do in their life Jesus preached to inform and notify people because of his faith not to spite the Roman government at the time (Frost, W. J. (2012, March)) I view my case with me trying to spread Quakerism in England in the same regard. Religion is meant to be the reflection of one’s conscience in their own ability to worship, and their conscience to worship must not be coerced to worship as through…show more content…
I have done a lot in my time on earth since I first became interested in the teachings of Quakerism, I have become a philosopher in our religion and written many books on how to be a good Quaker, let me rephrase that not just a good Quaker but a good human being to essentially due your part to be a good moral person. I have become an advocate for those imprisoned wrongfully for their beliefs simply, because I also know that pain all too well. Lastly, for my proudest and most influential achievement I established, my pride and joy, my dream, my vision. Pennsylvania’s laws were found on the firm belief where religion and state can live side by side in perfect harmony allowing the citizens of it to become active fully in their faith. Some have said my actions have inspired the people down the road to fight for the freedom, but me I’m just a dreamer who has one simple belief that every man should be able to profess their faith without fear of persecution. That was my goal and it is an honor to see my foundation has stood strong throughout the years I only hope it will continue to flourish as it
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