William Pitt Speech Analysis

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In this speech, given by William Pitt on the Excise Bill, at House of Commons on March 1763, he really wanted to claim for the rights of the poorest, colonists, patriots and quakers of America against the King George II. “The poorest man” symbolizes the colonists. “his cottage” means their rights and “the rain; storm; wind” are referring to the injustice they lived in. because of the king of England. This quote shows how the settlers have to support high taxes and tyrannies laws. As Prime Minister, William Pitt was behind the British victory in the French and Indian War and addition of Canada,. but he was opposed the king’s oppressive policies ( like Stamp Act) against the colonies which is why he was fired. The colonists saw him as a Champion of america 's liberty who fighted for their rights and justice from england where they couldn’t be heard. The French and Indian War The French and Indian War was a big war fought in the northeast between French colonies and British colonies with Indians allies from both side during 1754 and 1763. As a result of this war, England won a lot of territory in North America and Canada. This war was considered part of the Seven Years War that was…show more content…
It was during his role as Prime Minister that he planned and organized the British Army against France which led him win the French and Indian War and also defeated the french in the European Continent. Pitt agreed and sympathized with the Americans, specially in their opposition of the Stamp Act. His oppositions and criticism against the government of King George II and their laws in America, forced him to resign. I wonder what would have happened if he wouldn’t complain as much and would stayed longer as Primer of Minister, may be he would have helped and agreed in the American War of Independence, probably many lives have been
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