William Primrose Research Paper

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William Primrose was a violist. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland on 23 August 1904. I had a hard time figuring out if Glasgow is in the united kingdom or Scotland since the countries were 1 country for a long time, but I finally found out that Glasgow is in Scotland. Scotland is in the continent Europe. Primrose lived in Glasgow and died in Provo, Utah on 1 May 1982. Primrose died of cancer and his wife was Hiroko Sawa. Why he is in music Primrose is in the field of music because of his master, Eugene Ysaye. He wasn't dedicated to practicing until he met Eugene Ysaye. The influence made him more dedicated to his practice. In 1919 Primrose had gotten a scholarship to go to Guildhall School of Music at 15 years old. Primrose had been a violist for about 2 years. His commitment came from watching concerts.…show more content…
His father is John Primrose and his mother is Margeret Mcinnis Whiteside. Primrose's father was a full fledged violinist. He taught violin to other people. His father had also been part of the Scottish orchestra. What he played Willliam Primrose played the viola. before playing the viola he was forced to play the violin. William had no interest in playing the violin. He had always preferred the sound of the viola. He got a gold medal but said that he skipped some classes because of his lack of interest. His great master (Eugene Ysaye) heard young William play and saw how wonderful he is and recommended he play the viola instead of violin. Why I chose William Primrose/Conclusion The main reason I had chosen Primrose is that I wanted to challenge myself. In my opinion, his life had sounded interesting. I also wanted to do someone who was a good violist in the 1900s. I liked his name because the William in William Primrose sounded like William Shakespear, and the primrose is the name of one of my colored markers. The last reason I chose him is that he is
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