William Shakespeare's Influence On Modern Literature

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The mind is a powerful tool and it is up to one to learn from those in the past in order to help the future. William Shakespeare is one of the few writers that are still relevant and prominent in modern literature. His creation of new words and phrases are still used today and it is inevitable to quote one of his famous works. The articles “How Shakespeare influences the way we speak now” by Hephzibah Anderson, Octane’s “William Shakespeare's Impact on Theater”, and Sara Krulwich’s “How Outrage Built of a Shakespearean Depiction of Trump” portray the vibrant presence that Shakespeare still has in the modern day. Additionally, the excerpt from a graphic novel in Source D demonstrates the persistent influence Shakespeare has on creating consistent new versions of his plays. William Shakespeare is an extremely renowned writer that will continue to inspire the future generations to create literature. Therefore, Shakespeare remains an integral part of society and creativity because of his impact on the English language, ability to introduce literature to the population, and his presence in inspiring modern writing.
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Therefore, without the teachings of Shakespeare, the English language and literature would not be as developed and be remarkably varying compared to modern day. The initiation taken by modern writers to continue developing and using Shakespearean aspects of writing educates people and can come to a form of entertainment for many people. With the knowledge gained from the teachings of Shakespeare, one can have an understanding of his influence in the past, and the importance of his writing for the present and future. The knowledge of his works can only be beneficial and continue to impact people

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