William Shakespeare Who Was Edward De Vere

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The Truth of Shakespeare
“To be, or not to be, that is the question.” One of the most famous lines from Shakespeare’s play titled Hamlet. William Shakespeare has been credited with writing a lot of famous lines, but that might not have been him. It is often debated that William Shakespeare is not the person who actually wrote all of the famous poems, sonnets and plays. The real author is a man named Edward De Vere. He has more knowledge than William Shakespeare and the plays he wrote parallel events that had happened in his life.
Edward De Vere is the real author who wrote the works that were attributed to William Shakespeare being that he was very well-knowledged on the the topics of the writing. In the article entitled “Who Was Edward De Vere”, It states that
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William Shakespeare, a country bumpkin from Stratford-upon-Avon would simply have been unequipped to write about such things” (Jamieson 1).This proves that De Vere was certainly knowledged on the information that would be needed to write the works attributed to Shakespeare. This also shows that Shakespeare was not qualified being that he was a “bumpkin,” or an unsophisticated person from the countryside. Sure anyone would be able to write, but using the immense amount of detail that was used in these writings would need someone very qualified to write them. In another article, called “De Vere Authorship Argument”, it says that Edward De Vere could fit the role of Shakespeare being that “He is known to have graduated Cambridge University at age 14, becoming master of arts at age of 16.” It also states that “account books clearly showed that Edward De Vere had an extensive library underlining his qualifications to write as knowledgeably as Shakespeare”
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