William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar: The Cleveland Cavaliers

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William Shakespeare, one of the greatest playwrights of all time, created Julius Caesar. This play was written in 1599 and it is still studied and watched today. Julius Caesar had a story of his life that is identical to the counterparts for the epic battle between Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Julius Caesar was one of the greatest military leaders with best friend Brutus FIX and enemy Cassius. Cassius very much hates Caesar and wants to kill him and take over as king and rule what Caesar once did. Now on to the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron James. The Cavaliers drafted LeBron James, and were becoming the greatest, but likewise in Julius Caesar with Brutus, Lebron James betrayed the Cavaliers, and they were brought back down to…show more content…
My modern day Julius Caesar are the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Cleveland Cavaliers were known for being one of the worst teams in NBA history (Flemming). Although they thought they might be emerging to become something great when they drafted, Lebron James. The Cavaliers management and owner thought they were untouchable the fans loved them but, the Cavaliers management started to become arrogant and didn’t care how good the other players on the team were and just focused on LeBron (Flemming). Highly overpaid, team management thought LeBron would bring a championship to Cleveland (Flemming). In 2011 LeBron James left the after seven years there, he thought it would be best for him to go to the Miami Heat (Flemming). After this the Cavalier fans then turned on the management and blamed them for everything. They thought this because the Cavaliers weren’t making any significant changes to the roster to help LeBron win a championship (Flemming). After LeBron left, management then made the decision to get improve their roster (Flemming). The Cavaliers were holding themselves back not improving their win loss record, and not listening to anyone on what to do. This is what led LeBron James to leave the Cavaliers in 2011 for the Heat (Flemming). Before LeBron’s departure the fans had told the Cavaliers to make changes so LeBron wouldn’t leave, but they just wouldn’t listen. This is LeBrons home town he was said to have second chances with this decision…show more content…
LeBron James, my modern Brutus. LeBron James was drafted first overall pick in 2003 by Cleveland, he went straight out of highschool, he was so happy and excited that he would be playing ball back at his home town of Cleveland. (Withers). He was drafted on June 26 at the theater in Madison square Garden (Withers). When he was drafted he had a lot of honor, he had stayed with them helping them win singled handedly for seven years. After the seven years he 25 years old. (Withers). Throughout his years at Cleveland he chose to be traded. This was with the help of Miami Heat players Dwyane Wade and Chris bosh, LeBron James started to become friends with them at the U.S. olympics. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were telling James how they would win so many championships. (Withers). This is what James wanted, championships he had been working for it he entire career by himself (Withers). So he decided to go there and in his first two years there, he had won two championships. When going for the third he lost in the championship game to the San Antonio Spurs. After this two years later he made the decision to go back to Cleveland his hometown (Withers). LeBron was with the Heat for four years it was in 2014. “LeBrons return is bigger for Cleveland than the Cavaliers” (Withers). This meant that the fans were so happy they would have James back and win again, but the Cavaliers weren’t so happy because they think James betrayed him in the first

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