William Shakespeare's Sonnet XVIII And Ain T That Love

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William Shakespeare’s life and world had to do with how he came up with his works. His works were based on what went on in the time period of his life and also his feelings toward his life experiences. Many theories about Shakespeare not writing all of the works that are in his name are not proven today but since it still has not been proven, he is the writer of all his amazing works that are still popular in modern day. Most of his other works have epic heroes with a tragic flaw but The Sonnets are about common human feelings. William Shakespeare’s Sonnet XVIII and Sonnet CXVI shows that true love is needed and that the power of love can not be taken away. This theme is also shown in Ray Charles’ song “Ain’t That Love.” William Shakespeare…show more content…
He is known today for Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare’s Sonnets, and other popular works. Sonnet XVIII and Sonnet CXVI are similar to the song Ray Charles wrote, “Ain’t That Love” because Charles sings about how he is affected by love. Now that is love. Shakespeare and Charles are similar because they are both poets. Ray Charles had to write the song before he sang it. What he wrote was poetry. Although Shakespeare is not a singer, his poetry is like music. Shakespeare made his works come to life through plays but Charles made his songs come to life through singing. In William Shakespeare wrote about love, so did Ray Charles. “Now, ain 't that love. Oh, ain 't that love that I feel in my heart for you. If you ever ever need a friend. I 'll be with you. Yes, until the end. Now ain’t that love”(Charles). Ray Charles is singing this from life experiences so did Shakespeare. The only way Shakespeare knew what true love was was through his life experiences. Ray Charles and William Shakespeare felt love and knew the need for it. Love is needed because without it the world would not be a happy place. Showing kindness to someone who has lost a loved one is showing love. Helping someone achieve a goal is also an act of
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