William Shakespeare's Speech Analysis

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Allow me to say that it is a privilege to share with you my personal analysis and believes on the theme of literature in general and the creative thinking of William Shakespeare more specifically. There are so many things that can be said about that versed imagination, mastery of language and craftsmanship that this great poet and dramatist possessed that we must perforce choose one narrow facet of his monumental contributions. Today our focus shall be directed on one example only of how he used language in his plays, how the language developed his plays and enabled him to access new areas in the theater of his day. I will speak of Richard II. Naturally, Shakespeare could see the feet of clay in his great heroes, and not even once lost sight of the human dimension of historical dramas, he also identified the humanity that is in the imperfection of his weaker heroes. The artist fills their speech with some of the most important lines of the English language, and encourages the audience to notice these multiple aspects of their very human personalities. Nevertheless Shakespeare was proficient in leaving enough uncertainty in his material so that his listeners would be able to participate in filling out his creations. That is why he approaches people from different cultures who, although they do not speak English, are not as sensitive to the power of his language, and across time despite the enormous changes that have occurred in our societies. This way we
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