William Stewart Civil War Summary

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The civil war not only had an effect on the government, foreign policy, finances, but also the people that fought in the war or had loved ones in the war. Reading biographies and first hand recounts of the civil war is the best two ways to understand how it felt to live during this time in history. It’s an important insight that helps paint a picture of how living during the war was, and how people lived. The first recount of the civil war comes from William Stewart Price. His account was recorded on June 22, 1937. The place, William Stewart, resides is in Texas1. He lives about nine miles southeast of Blanchard1. William retells the time he came to the tribal reservation with his dad. He tells the interviewer how when they first arrived there…show more content…
H. Hershall. His account is recorded on May 3rd, 1937. The place where William H., was born in Coal County, which was a part of Atoka County3. He resides in Antlers, Oklahoma3. W. H. is a field worker in Oklahoma. He tells his experiences about shunting. He recalls only having to travel a few yards from the house to get wild game3. The fourth recount of the civil war comes from Fannie Fulsom. Her account is recorded on April 8th, 1937. She comes from a long tiger band of Euchee, and lives on Pole Cat Creek near Kellyville, Oklahoma4. She retells her experience about clothing, and the way they would make the garments. She says that in order to make an Indian woman’s dress they need 8 yards of goods4. They would improvise if they didn’t have their preferred items. The fifth recount of the civil war comes from Ida Combs. Her account is recorded on June 7, 1937. The place where Ida was born is Birmingham, Alabama5. She resides on route 2, in Duke Oklahoma5. She retells her live story after arriving in the Indian Territory. Ida refers to the time her and her husband moved to the territory. They traveled on a covered wagon, and encountered many bandits5. She refers to the times that the bandits would try to steal their horses, and after that night they would stay up through the night to keep
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