William T Cavanaugh's Being Consumed

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William T Cavanaugh (2008), wrote Being Consumed: Economics and Christian Desire which is a philosophical book, which focus on four (4) economic life matters that addresses the consumer culture within society. These four economic life matters are free market, consumerism, globalization and economic scarcity. In order for this topic to be discussed on a theological point of view, the author draws the reader’s attention to human life, the ends of life in God. The key question in every process is whether or not the transaction contributes to the flourishing of each person involved. In order to address these questions the author points to concrete examples of alternative economic practices in which Christians participate-: business, co-operatives, credit union, practices of consumption which marks the vision for Christian economic life. Cavanaugh (2008) calls the church to create and cultivate her own alternative culture informed by the riches of the faith, rather than taking economic marching orders from the world. The first chapter of this book challenges the free-market, principles, which are concerned to announce the blessing of the free-market and to caution against state intervention. The author expresses difficulty accepting the beliefs, but has no reason to
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