William T. Sherman's Destructive Campaign

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In 1836 Senator Ewing secured William T. Sherman an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point. There he excelled academically, but had little respect for the demerit system. He never got himself into deep trouble, but he had numerous minor offenses on his record. Sherman’s military career was anything but spectacular. Unlike any of this colleagues he had never ever seen any kind of military battle while all his colleagues were out fighting he spent his time stationed in California as an executive officer. In 1850 Sherman married Eleanor SHERMAN’S FIRST DAYS Boyle Ewing the daughter of the guy who raised him. With the lack of military experience he thought that the army would be a dead end. n 1859, William T. Sherman was headmaster at a military academy in Louisiana. He had his battle at the first battle of bull run.…show more content…
It all began on september 15,1864 in Atlanta. After leaving the decimated city of Atlanta on November 16, Sherman led his troops on a destructive campaign which they had taken to port city of Savannah on December 21. It is known for its destruction and sorrow that it caused to the South. There were very few towns that sherman did not burn down because they lied and said that they were making guns and weapons for his fellow troops they went and destroyed about 80 to 90 percent of the south’s
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