William Trub The Nobody Analysis

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“I’m nobody! Who are you? Are you nobody, too? Then there’s a pair of us…” I once read this from a poem written by Emily Dickinson, the American poet. Frankly speaking, at that moment, I couldn’t understand how come a person would be willing to become a nobody——a nobody with little importance and sense of existence! I have a cute name, a warm family and a lot of amicable friends. However, what if I am a boat sailing in an unknown sea. Regardless of my name…no family, no friends, then who am I? Who are we? A micro-fiction ”The Nobody” written by William Trub answers these question. A small subway stop in this micro-fiction is a fantastic metaphor for our whole society. By means of that, William Trub reveals that compared to this objective material…show more content…
My favorite journalist, Chai Jing, once wrote a book called Insight. In this book, Chai mentions that people are often be ignored consciously or unconsciously by others because of their ignorance and prejudice. Actually, our unconscious is so deeply ingrained that we cannot see others. Moreover, we even turn a blind eye to our own. Maybe that’s why the protagonist realized that he “waited for the J train with the usual salad of straphangers: four Bloods, an Orthodox Jew, a gaggle of boricuas, a drag king” but not those “humdrum of folks with featureless faces”. “They were there, but who cares”? That’s exactly a typical perception of unconscious. “The way to see is to open your eyes from ignorance.” Chai says. When being asked what she would be most concerned about when doing news investigation, her answer was the people in the news. This is a simple principle for journalists, but not quite easy in their practice. Chai cares about those “nobodies” in her daily life. She doesn’t choose some landmark events studiously to describe in her book, instead, she chooses some people with their stories that really impress her. She meets them by chance and they are flowing in her deep
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