William Wallace Braveheart Hero Quotes

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A Brave Tale of William Wallace
“You can take my land, but you can never take my freedom.” Those words are some of the most well known in all of history. What some folks don’t know when they think of the quote is that is what is the truth about the man that said it. So when they call William Wallace aka Braveheart a hero is that what he really was? Well some people would say no, but I am here to show you the true heroism of the man behind the face paint.
When the English military first came to Scotland the evil Englishmen came and took Wallace’s family’s land. When his father tried to defend his family and keep his land, the Englishmen killed his father. He then went to live his uncle. Once the young William was old enough, he went and enlisted in the army. It is said that his commanding officer was John Balliol. With the skills of a soldier in hand, he decided to turn on his brothers. Within Williams first years after being a soldier he was not a hero but rather a villain, to be more precise a thief. With the abilities he had
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Young Wallace decided to try and protect the old man. He was doing fine for the first three or four men, but was eventually overwhelmed by the troops. He was then taken to a dungeon where they left him to rot. All they gave him was rotten haring and very little water. Due to this treatment, he went into a coma and the Englishmen assumed he was dead. They ended up throwing him over the wall onto the dung pile. They then sent word to his friends and relatives that he had passed. Eventfully though Wallace awoke from his coma. Then he wandered back to his uncle’s home. When he got there he was not given a warm welcome, but rather he saw his uncle mourning his death. With this thought of his uncle in hand and an abundant hate for the English already, he decided to give birth to the vengeful angel that they needed to lead the
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