William Zinsser's Four College Pressures

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HBased on college pressures by William Zinsser, the four pressures that college students experienced in the 70s includes economic, parental, peer and self induced pressure. These pressures still remain in this day and age, but also the pressure to compete with their peers on paper has become a burden. It was once much easier to receive an overall liberal education, and has now become a one tracked focus on what career can make the most money. Students are left limited to the majors that are generally needed rather than follow their dreams. Economic pressure is one of the top pressures that college students face. Being that America is still in an economical downward spiral, college has gone from being the place where one can reach their their dreams to a place that you will be paying for most of your adult life. There are many people that believe it is a waste of time to go to college because majority of the time you are not going to use your degree and you will still have to pay thousands of dollars over the course of your adult life. Many people believe that it is better to go to a trade school because it is somewhat guarantee that you will have a job working in your field of choice.…show more content…
According to Zinsser, "Along with economic pressure goes parental pressure.inevitably the two are deeply intertwined...Poor students, poor parents. They are caught in one of the oldest web of love and duty and guilt." (Zinsser 212) many college students when asked why they are in school will answer because my parents want me to. It has become a sad reality because college is no longer a choice was somewhat of an obligation. Students who forced to go to college because that 's all they were told growing up. The person comes from parents wanting a secure future for their
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