Williams Walk Two Moon Analysis

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Williams,walk two moons In the novel walk two moons,by Sharon Creech,Phebe changes internally and externally when her mom leaves.First Phebe’s mother Mrs.Winterbottom leaves after getting a note.Next Phebe freak’s out and thinks she was kidnaped.Last she comes back home with the lunatic and Phebe gets mad and confused. Although her mother left she still forgives her and enjoys having a new family member. When mrs.winterbottom leaves phebe thinks that the lunatic who left the message did it.phebe is also so scared that she goes to the police station after school.”when the bell rang,I raced out the room --- we both ran the six blocks to the police station.”when the police don’t believe…show more content…
Phebe tells her friends that her mother is in London. ”Phebe said London.Oh, London, Cristy said.My mother 's been there.Phebe turned to me with a puzzled expression on her face.”Since her friends know about London she needs to make sure she doesn 't make any mistakes. ”--- Phebe was struggling.Shakespeare 's birthplace.But that 's in Stratford - on Avon, Meagan said. In conclusion Phebe may struggle externally to tell her friends about her mother. When Mrs.Winterbottom comes back she looks different and is with the lunatic.Both Phebe and Mr.Winterbottom are surprised by her appearance.”--- I think Phebe nearly fainted dead away on the carpet there were two reasons for this --- Mrs.Winterbottom looked different.”Mike Bickel,Phebes potential lunatic in her living room.By Mrs.Winterbottom coming back with Mike Bickle that changes Phebe internally and externally. Phebe changes a lot throughout the novel walk two moons.For instance when her mom leaves she changes her own agenda and what 's to find her mom.Then Phebe jumps to the conclusion that she was kidnapped.By a person who gave them a note the day before.One of Phebes biggest changes was when she get’s a new half
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