Williamsburg Church History

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Why does one of the wonderful buildings in Williamsburg deserve a commemorative coin? All of the historical buildings in Williamsburg are gorgeous and are eye-catching, fancy and expensive, although the utmost deserving of the coin is the Bruton Parish Church. A few of the uttermost famous people in history attended the church, such as the strongly-known George Washington, Patrick Henry and Peyton Randolph. The citizens of Williamsburg used the church in everyday life, is still an active Episcopal church and it connects to motto “That the future may learn from the past” by using the town’s past knowledge of church life and building structure. British law forced everyone in Williamsburg to go to the Bruton Parish Church every month. The church was a place to worship, a cemetery for the imperative people and families in Williamsburg, the government held meetings of all kinds in the church and citizens could attend services every single day. Firstly, when people go to church they are most likely worshiping the lord. In Williamsburg the community held services every day and on Sunday, four services. Secondly, the church also provides a cemetery for the wealthier people and were buried in a better environment. Also the burgesses met in…show more content…
It is an active Episcopal church still serving people around the globe. Services are still held everyday and there are four services on Sunday, the same as in the 18th century. The church has been updated since the 1700s from the tower, to the altar, to the churchyard and to even the pews in the church. It 's all polished and in mint condition. It is stated in the official brochure to Bruton Parish Church that the Bruton Parish Church is "a colonial architectural masterpiece." It also states that "Nearly 650 families, as well as college students and visitors attend the numerous services on Sundays and
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