Williamsburg Commemorative Coin

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Williamsburg: Who Should Get The Commemorative Coin? Colonial times are extremely important to current generations, the ones after us, and before. They tell us about how people lived in different classes, how things worked, and what conflict there was, and what better way to learn about it than Colonial Williamsburg? Out of these four wonderful buildings the Capitol, the Governors Palace, the Magazine, and the Bruton Parish Church laws, but also broke them and that was important to the government, the important documents were passed there or even made there and most of them still are used today, and how laws were made and what laws there were in colonial times. The Capitol was important to many people because people made laws, but also broke them. In this building they had court where people were if they committed robbery, treason, murder, or other cases. For 80 years the Capitol was a hard working building…show more content…
In early Williamsburg time it tells us how the British ruled and what laws there were. Later on, it tells us what type of rebellion there was and when it happened, because that was the main area for rebellion. Even later on it tells us what happened during the war. So although the other buildings represent that motto this one does the most. In conclusion the Capitol is superior in the colony and deserves the commemorative coin the most because it connects the most to the Colonial Williamsburg motto, it has the most relevance today, and it had the most relevance in colonial times. So out of all four the Capitol is more important. And of course over all Colonial Williamsburg is the best place to learn about the different races, the different classes, ―Gentry to Slave― and how people lived all in the same place making this the best place to learn about Colonial
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