Willie Beaton Character Analysis

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The Addams’s family musical was a delightful play full of delightful humor, tense scenes, and heartfelt moments. The play opened late this spring with twenty-two college students from the Florida School of the Arts, a public art college in Palatka. The cast was led by Willie Beaton II as Gomez Addams, Bella Carlsen as Morticia Adams, Caitlin Sweeney as Wednesday Adams, and Briar Boggs as Lucas Benieke. The cast of acting students was, as a whole, quite good, performing A+ material. However, at some points of the show, it becomes clear that the students have some years left to learn. We can begin be critiquing the patriarch of the Adam’s family, Willie Beaton II as Gomez Addams. Beaton’s talents lie in comedic acting, and his talent certainly presented itself in the comedic bits of the show, such as the character’s handling of trying to keep a secret from his wife, an act that he has never done before. The exaggerated mannerisms gave me a huge laugh. His technical skills with…show more content…
Her performance, much like Carlsen, was a joy to watch. She had the best performance of the show, tied with the side character of Gordia Hayes as Uncle Fester. Her facial expressions were deadpan when they needed to be, when she was talking to the little brother side character, and animated when called for, when she was talking to her parents or fiancé. Her voice was also the strongest in the show, having the most power for the love song ballads. Sweeney also showed a lot of talent when balancing the morbid curiosity that her family expects her to show when she is at home, and the happy and bouncing woman she appeared to be when with the fiancé character. Any other small critiques would be minute for Sweeney, as she had performed well in her show. In the end, the entire ensemble performed a fantastic show. With a bit more practice and revisions, I am sure that the already great performance can become even
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