Willie Lynch's Effect On African American Society

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The Willie Lynch Essay

Willie Lynch was a British slave owner in the West Indies. He also wrote letters and gave speeches to other slave owners. The letters and speeches were to show other slave owners, on how to control your slaves. The speech was delivered in 1712, on the bank of James River in the colony of Virginia. Willie Lynch also came up with the word “lynching”. The word lynching means, to put to death, especially by hanging. Throughout history, dominant groups have used lynching as a way of controlling minorities. Willie Lynch process was effective during those times because his psychological methods started the division between black people. This document is allegedly given three hundred years ago. The African American people …show more content…

African Americans are still against each other. African Americans are still not unified. The letter that letter that Willie Lynch wrote was very effective. I think that the process has escalated, and has gotten worse. If African Americans will respect one another, that letter would be non-effective today. Maybe, the African American society would be better.

Although, the African American society isn't the best, there is still hope for us. We, as young black men have to learn to respect one another. We have to love one another. We also have to teach one another the right things in life. The things I just stated could be called , “each one teach one”. Most of our African Americans have to be involved in the “each on teach one” program. That would have a huge effect on today society.

It is my position, that I think, that African Americans should reunite with each other. First we have to love one ourselves in order to come together. There is a lot of hatred in this society today. Willie Lynch has had a big impact on the African American lives. We are in need for a change. We as African Americans must learn to rejoice and uplift one another. In conclusion, I believe the Willie Lynch method, has had a big effect on African American

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