Willie Mays Life And Accomplishments

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Willie Mays was a famous professional baseball player for the New York Giants. Mays was a good man who was the youngest black player ever signed by the major league, 1950, this happened a couple years after he graduated. Willie Mays was an impeccable baseball player who was famous for “the catch”. His parents were very athletic and were only in high school when he was born so they played sports and catch with him when he was very young. He has been on many baseball teams and has made over 600 home runs in the time he has played. Willie Mays is an incredible baseball player with many accomplishments in life.
Willie Mays was born on May 6th, 1931, in West-field, Alabama. He is the son of a steelworker who played center field for the Birmingham Industrial League Semipro. His mother, Annie Satterwhite, a former high school track star. His parents got divorced when he was three, so he went and lived with
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Willie Mays is now 86 years old living in Atherton California. He does not do many interviews and mainly spends time with his son and grandchildren. He likes to watch to watch his great grandchildren play their sports and practice. He is not married anymore, his wife died many years ago from Alzheimer's disease. He is a healthy old man now and is expected to live a few more years.
I liked studying Willie Mays, he was an interesting man with a long successful life. I think he did deserve to be a part of black history month, he did a lot of impressive things. I liked learning about how he had been in a semipro team at the age of 13. I think that is really cool and that he must have tried really hard to get there. Mays may have been a little hard to find some information on but overall he sounds like a really good man with a big heart. I really enjoyed studying about his life and
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