Willie The Unlearned: A Short Story

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Willie the Unlearned “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.” -Mark Twain He loves to manipulate. He loves to ruin. He loves to be selfish. He loves to think about himself. “Who,” you might ask, Willie Boles. “Did you hear about me moving in soon? My aunt kicked me out. She said I have thirty days to move, or she is putting me out. I’m going to be homeless if not.” He discovered how to manipulate from day one. He, my sister’s boyfriend (at the time), was playing us, and they did not notice. Mid september of 2015, he moved into our new house along McDermott. “We expect only three hundred and that is not asking much,” mom said. “Once you give us your word, you can’t back out.
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