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The straggles of the kids whose parents are not at home a whole lot are shown in the novel Williwaw. Which is written by Tom Bodett and published in 1999, is a story about two kids from Alaska, Ivan and September who are 12 and 13 years old, they got into the trouble because they did not follow their dads rules. The main theme “challenges of life” can clearly be seen within the novel Williwaw. For Ivan and September challenges of taking care for themselves means staying at home alone for several weeks because their father is not home and their mother died a few years ago. That means that they have to look after themselves and stay out of the troubles and the most important follow their dads rules. Their rude neighbour Mr. Berger was not any help either. He accused Ivan and September for stealing from him since they were born. It…show more content…
Ivan and Septembers father is away a lot because of work. Even though he is gone, he has certain rules for his kids to follow, like to stay of the bay and not hook up their video game on the radio batteries; for them following these rules is kind of difficult and one part why that is because they are young and they did not see the consequences. In not following their dad’s rules resulted in getting caught in the storm. Ivan and September realized after being beside their father that they appreciate their father more. And that rules that he gave them are important to follow. Because their father cares about them, he gave them these rules for their own good and safety. They always followed these rules before, but this time when they did not know what was going to happen, not following their father’s rules causes Ivan and September to get caught in a storm. They overcame this obstacle as an Ivan drowning while they were in the storm; in this difficult situation September became more mature and

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