Fibromyalgia Research Paper

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The Effects of White Willow Bark Extract on Fibromyalgia

The day has finally come when we can actually receive a definitive diagnosis of fibromyalgia. In the past, when a person with this illness was experiencing debilitating pain, it was all in their head…or so they were frequently told.
There is still no conclusive answer to the cause of fibromyalgia, but it is thought that the brain and nerves misinterpret and overact to pain signals.
At last, some headway is being made in treating the symptoms, and white willow bark extract is a natural product that’s getting a great deal of attention.
We will discuss what white willow bark extract is, and how it can be a valuable treatment for the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

The white willow is one of
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Additionally, white willow’s bark is used for treating the symptoms of rheumatism, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, headaches, and menstrual cramps. These conditions are commonly found in many people with fibromyalgia.

Uses for White Willow Bark Extract
There is a huge number of reasons for using White Willow Bark extract. Below we will discuss a few that are related to fibromyalgia.
White willow can take a while to act, but the benefits are long-lasting, so be patient. Please remember to clear it with your doctor before trying this or any new treatments.
Studies show that the chemical salicin, found in white willow bark, is responsible for the effective treatment of inflammation. In addition, there is possibly other components in the white willow such as flavonoids and polyphenols that have antioxidant, antiseptic, and immune-boosting properties.
A few of the areas where inflammation commonly occurs are the gastrointestinal system, joints, and respiratory tract, as well as from arthritis, gout, and irritable bowel syndrome. Willow bark is known to effectively eliminate the inflammation and soothe the symptoms.
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Studies are showing that white willow bark extract is proving to be a safe and effective treatment for lower back pain.
Menstrual Cramps
An inflammation of the uterus lining is typically the reason for menstrual cramps. Prostaglandins are hormones produced by the body, which can contribute to menstrual cramps. White willow bark extract blocks the prostaglandins, which reduces the pain and inflammation.
Anyone with adverse reactions to aspirin should not use white willow bark. It can also interact with some medications including, beta-blockers and blood thinners.
White willow bark extract is safe and has a low instance of side effects. Nevertheless, if abused, it can have even more adverse effects than aspirin because it stays in the body longer.
Adolescents under 16 years old should not be given willow bark due to the risk of Reye’s syndrome.
As with anything you are unaccustomed to taking, please consult your physician before beginning a new

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