Willpower In The Wilderness Character Analysis

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Willpower in the Wilderness In the novel Follow the River, the main character, Mary Ingles, displays many exemplary characteristics of a survivor in a traumatic situation, but the most prominent one is her fierce determination and her will to survive that coincides with that. Mary displays this characteristic throughout the entire book, but several events represent her sheer resolve better than the others. Her first act of courage took place soon after the capture of the residents at Draper’s Meadow. Mary showed no signs of weakness as she gave birth to her new baby girl, impressing Captain Wildcat in the process. Her doing so allowed her to receive special treatment from the Captain. She didn’t have to run the gauntlet and Wildcat chose…show more content…
About 7 years ago, my grandmother found out that her cells decided to enact war upon her body – she had lymphoma. I know that I didn’t take it well and I can’t even imagine how difficult it is to hear that you have cancer. Throughout the whole ordeal, my grandma remained genial despite the circumstances. Her indestructible and stoic nature inspired me so much every day because I noticed how weak she was physically, yet she was strong mentally. Dealing with cancer, whether your patient or onlooker, is an emotional uphill climb. My grandmother gritted her teeth, put on her climbing spikes, and made the journey. My grandmother has always been a loyal follower of God and she still kept her faith. She did not harbor any ill toward God or feel bitter about her horrible illness. It astounded me how strong my grandmother was during that time. I don’t think I would have been that strong. Even the hospital made me feel quite uneasy. The stuffy corridors and eerie silence are enough to bring me to tears. My grandmother astounded me with her amazing determination through her time of strife. Now, my grandmother lives with her same inspirational approach to life and the same amazing determination that I will always admire her
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