Will's Paintball

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“Being Green at Ben and Jerry’s” Will’s use of analogy makes the essay interesting; it shows the reader how little the influence drilling would have on the ANWR. Will also makes excellent use of facts and statistics to persuade the reader that drilling in the ANWR would not be a bad thing. He also makes comments about environmentalists and their opinions, which makes the reader interested in his acknowledgment of his opposition, also making him a more credible source. In order to be more persuasive, Will needs to clearly state his position regarding the argument, as well as using more emotional appeal. Dear Representative, farming is by far the greatest industry in New Zealand. Farmers have worked to feed the citizens of this country for decades, often working ourselves to death-on average, 1…show more content…
Ross’ acknowledgment of his opposition was particularly convincing, as well as the argument that paintball is safe when well managed. Ross has an effective use of ethos in his essay; he has played paintball, so therefore, he must be a reliable source in regards to paintball. He refers to the many times he, as well as his friends, have played paintball, as well as his positive experiences with paintball. Ross has a weak appeal to pathos-he rarely refers to emotions, or does anything remotely similar to an emotional appeal. He does, however, appeal to the reader’s potential past experiences-the negative ones in particular-by explaining how they could have been prevented, and further improved the experience the reader had. He also expresses slight empathy when referring to his opposition. This empathy, however, is brief, before he explains what went wrong, and how to fix it. Ross has a moderately useful logos appeal in his essay. He speaks logically, mentioning facts often, but not very strong facts that could sway the reader. His responses to opposition use logos, thus making them very
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